StarkLinnemann Quartet

The co-leaders of the band Paul Stark (piano) and Jonas Linnemann (drums) were continuously searching for musicians who were willing to conform to the broad vision of StarkLinnemann. Since the group’s foundation they have worked with diverse line-ups and have shown to be very versatile in terms of musical styles and genres. This can be heard on their albums Awake (2014) and Transcending Chopin Volume 1 (2016), Transcending Chopin Volume 2&3 (2016) and Pictures at an Exhibition (2018) Transcending Beethoven Volume 1 (2020) Transcending Beethoven Volume 2 (2021) and Transcending Liszt Volume 1 (2022).

The StarkLinnemann Quartet has crystallised into a coherent entity with the talented artists Iman Spaargaren and Maciej Domaradzki. Multi reed player Iman Spaargaren and bassist Maciej Domaradzki complement the group perfectly with their passionate playing.

Looking ahead the StarkLinnemann Quartet wants to keep on producing crossovers between classical music and jazz as well as releasing original work with an adventurous character. They are continuing their journey with their latest release entitled Pictures at an Exhibition for the label UCM Records.

Currently they are working on new material for two albums entitled; Transcending Beethoven volume 1 & 2. The albums will be released in during the Beethoven year in 2020.

The StarkLinnemann Quartet is performing regularly across the Netherlands and beyond.