Transcending Beethoven volume 1


Release Date: December 17th 2020

In this time of climate change, the urge to cherish nature is stronger than ever. Although Beethoven lived a great deal of his life in two cities, Bonn and Vienna, he had a profound respect and admiration for nature as witnessed by one of his masterpieces, the sixth symphony. Beethoven made no effort to popularize his Piano Sonata opus 28 by naming it “Pastorale”. It was the Hamburg publisher, August Cranz, who gave the subtitle to this sonata. Beethoven’s publishers had a tendency to name his sonatas without consulting Beethoven himself. The StarkLinnemann Trio shares the same respect and admiration for nature that Beethoven had. Inspired by the overwhelming beauty and fragility of our Earth, Beethoven’s Piano Sonata Opus 28 is recomposed with spontaneous improvisations and recorded with lots of percussion. Our hope is to accentuate this strong universal phenomenon as it connects to the sounds of nature.

Personnel on record
Paul Stark – piano
Maciej Domaradzki – acoustic bass
Jonas Linnemann – drums & percussion