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Personnel on Record
Dick de Graaf - tenor saxophone
Gerard Kleijn - trumpet
Paul Stark - piano
Vasilis Stefanopoulos - acoustic bass
Jonas Linnemann - drums & percussion

Track Listing
1. Real Hero - Jonas Linnemann
2. Twilight - Paul Stark
3. Inner Urge - Joe Henderson
4. Gynandromorph - Jonas Linnemann
5. Bees - Paul Stark
6. Awake - Jonas Linnemann
7. A Sad Moment - Paul Stark
8. Le Voi La - Paul Stark
Release Date
Soundroots Records SR06
Recording at Bijloke Studio
November 23 & 24, 2012, Gent, Belgium
Recording Engineer
Gyuri Spies
Editing and Mixing at Bijloke Studio
Between April and July 2013, Gent, Belgium
Editing and Mixing Engineer
Gyuri Spies
Digital Mastering at Foon Mastering Center
August 12, 2013, Lier, Belgium
Mastering Engineer
Paul Van de Jonckheyd
Producer of the Recording Session
Paul Stark & Jonas Linnemann
Paul Stark & Jonas Linnemann
Executive Producer
Paul Stark & Jonas Linnemann
Jacquelien Wielaard
Bassam Alkhouri
Layout and design
Bruce Tsai-Meu-Chong & Jonas Linnemann

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