This album can be classified as one of the greatest efforts a pianist-composer can achieve.

Paul Stark accepted the challenge of recomposing a classical composition by Franz Liszt, which is being considered fine art. Not only the technical difficulties of the original piece are numerous, but also the uninterrupted structure of this Sonata in B minor with the ultimate embodiment of the so-called “double function design”, a combination of sonata cycle and sonata form, is very complex. Stark made the impossible possible by bringing this Pianistic Monument of the Romantic Age into the 21th century. The result is a massive composition in “triple function design”, a combination of sonata cycle, sonata form and adventurous modern jazz improvisation!

The album Sonata was recorded by the Paul Stark Trio in 2010 and has recently been added to the StarkLinnemann repertoire.

Personnel on record
Paul Stark – piano
Arnoud Gerritse – drums
Uli Glaszmann – acoustic bass

Personnel for live performance
Paul Stark – piano
Jonas Linnemann – drums
Maciej Domaradzki – acoustic bass