With the recording of their first album as co-bandleaders entitled “Awake” StarkLinnemann is aiming at a broad audience of music aficionado’s.

Awake is about music in relation to images or moods. With seven originals and one arrangement of Joe Henderson’s Inner Urge the musicians of StarkLinnemann will lead you through many feelings. Titles like “Real Hero”, “Twilight”, “Bees”, “Awake” and “A Sad Moment” are self-explanatory. While listening to Jonas Linnemann’s piece Gynandromorph you’ll get sucked into a surrealistic world of strange animals. And Paul Stark’s Twilight is a striking depiction of a misty landscape on a quiet evening. The works by StarkLinnemann create a lot of space and freedom for expression by the soloists. Bassist Vasilis Stefanopoulos and seasoned horn players Dick de Graaf and Gerard Kleijn are contributing vividly to the overall sound of Awake.

Personnel on record
Paul Stark – piano
Jonas Linnemann – drums
Vasilis Stefanopoulos – acoustic bass
Dick de Graaf – tenor saxophone
Gerard Kleijn - trumpet

Personnel for live performance
Paul Stark – piano
Jonas Linnemann – drums
Maciej Domaradzki – acoustic bass
TBA – tenor saxophone
TBA - trumpet